Freelance Designer, based in Glasgow

Specialising in branding, advertising, digital art working, typography and editorial design.


I am a Glasgow based Graphic Designer. Particularly interested in typography and editorial. However, I am passionate about all aspects of design. I’ve been working both freelance and with agencies for the last three years, constantly expanding my skills and furthering my knowledge. Having spent two years travelling and working around the world, I have a wealth of experience in not only graphic design but many fields. I never say ‘ I can’t do that’ But rather ‘I can’t do that yet’!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and look through my work. If you have any ideas, projects or opportunities you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.


Patisserie Valerie

Curio Films

Sleep Unit

The Suite Address

The Trongate Rum Riots


Practical Dreamer! The anchor of the team, studio and company. A person who combines thought with action, creativity with rules, chaos with order. Nicola harnesses a perfectly combustible mix of purpose, depth and passion with a childlike imagination that runs truly wild for absolutely outstanding results. Expect the unexpected

– Benedetto Bordone, founder of The Loft Creative.

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