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It’s the Camera you Have

I have always heard this saying ” it’s not the camera you have but the camera you have on you”. When I first starting taking an interest in photography I was envious as all the cameras I couldn’t afford. Determined that I could only be any good at what I do if my equipment was the best of the best. But, if you give a person a £5000 camera, does that make them a professional Photographer? Half the work in Photography is seeing the shot before you take it. Seeing the possibilies of an empty alleyway, or a busy city street.

With The mobile technology available these days photography is turning an interesting corner. The images bellow were shot on my Samsung 6S as a strolled into work on a cold Friday afternoon. I had left without my camera but my hands ached to capture the beauty of my city in the throws of winter.

Next time you find yourself looking at something wondrous take out you phone and contain that memory forever. In the mean time, here are some great ‘phone only’ image sites. Enjoy!


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