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Sleep Unit


Sleep unit are a Dundee based music label, specialising in ambient drone music. This is part of the minimalist music genre that emphasise the use of sustained or repeated sounds, notes, or tone-clusters – called drones.

Sleep Unit believe that most of the music today keeps us rushing to hear the next three-minute track. They want people to take time out of their lives to enjoy the moment, to take a break and drift with the music. The People at Sleep unit want the music that they produce to be almost like medication for your mind and body, somewhat like a sleeping pill.


For their logo design, I kept things simple, the label itself is minimal; producing slow relaxing sounds. I wanted this calm to be reflected in the final design. By taking the ‘S’ and ‘U’ and bringing them together they form a unity depicting the mind and body, while the dips in the ‘U’ represent the levels of music they also link to the cycles of sleep that your body goes through as your mind begins to relax and shut down.

The typeface used is Proxima Nova Soft, while this is seen as a modern typeface its design is based on Gothic type such as Futura. Proxima Nova is considered to be a ‘Hybrid Font’ combining modern proportions with a geometric appearance. This works well with the genre; which, outside of its vast following is often unheard of, but has been around for generations.


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